Man killed in India for disrespecting sacred cow

A Muslim man accused by an extremist Hindu mob of stealing a cow was beaten to death by them in India on Monday. Police found the bruised and battered body of Mohammad Hasmat Ali, 55, in the remote village of Uchekon Moiba Thongkhong in Manipur, a state in the northeastern part of the country. This is the fourth time in six weeks that Hindus have killed Muslims they suspected of handling cows. ‘What is happening here is completely wrong — people taking the law into their hands,’ said Naba Kanta, the senior police official leading the investigation into Ali’s death. ‘We face the problem of mob justice in this area, and we are trying to do our best to contain it.’ The majority of Indians practice the Hindu religion, where cows are worshipped as revered creatures. Although the facts surrounding Ali’s death are still unclear, authorities say a Hindu man named Brajendra heard dogs barking outside his home early Monday morning. ‘He found Ali huddled in one corner of his barns, shivering. Brajendra assumed he had come to steal his calf and raised an alarm.’ ‘A crowd gathered and they started beating Ali. In the pushing and pulling, and being beaten up, Ali died,’ said a local policeman. The Hindu man has been arrested. Ali, who was married and a father of three, was the headmaster of a religious Islamic school, also known as a madrasa. Local police said Ali had no criminal record and no known links to the cattle business. In other similar attacks around the country, a Muslim family was set upon in a village outside Delhi by a Hindu mob that suspected the family of eating beef.. The father was killed, and the son seriously wounded. Weeks later, another Hindu mob in the Kashmir Valley threw a homemade bomb at a truck suspected of carrying beef. The young Muslim truck driver died days later from burn wounds.