30% of racial harassment occurred this year

Around 30 per cent of staff who’ve witnessed or experienced racial harassment in the workplace say it’s happened in the past year, a new survey suggests. It also found that 55 per cent of BAME (black, Asian and minority) employees said they felt like a valued member of the team, compared to 71 per cent of white workers. The charity, Business in the Community, got the views of more than 24,000 people about race at work. The organisation wants the government to do more to promote racial equality. It’s calling on MPs to change the definition of diversity to include race and change what’s called the UK Corporate Governance Code, a set of rules companies have to follow. When I got assaulted, I said to the bosses upstairs... they recommended I brush it under the carpet so then I felt even worse in myself Anonymous One 26-year-old man, who didn’t want his name published, got in touch with Newsbeat about the racial abuse he says he’s experienced in his job. “I got called a dirty Muslim just for using a piece of equipment and that person didn’t want to use that equipment because I’d used it. “He said that to another colleague and that colleague actually reported it on behalf of me without me knowing. “It all went upstairs [to the bosses] and basically the person who actually said that comment got away with it because they took his word [over] the person he said it in front of.” He also says he’s been spat at, and last year he says he was assaulted by a colleague in what he thinks was racial abuse. “I borrowed something off him, misplaced it, gave it back to him the week after. “He came up to me and grabbed me around the neck. He started threatening me. I was on my tiptoes - that’s how much he was holding me up, by my neck.” He says the experiences have left him feeling “helpless” at work. “When I got assaulted, I said to the bosses upstairs, ‘I want to take this further but do I suffer the consequences outside of work as well?’ They recommended I brush it under the carpet so then I felt even worse in myself.” He says it’s made him think about changing jobs, but he says it’s hard to do so given his current situation. But he says he has some good friends at work, who keep him going. “That’s the best thing about it. I’ve got more friends than enemies at work. That’s what’s kept me going, because they’re my best friends. They do stick up for me.” He thinks that workplaces need to do more to stop this kind of harassment. “With any kind of bullying or any kind of racial bullying, I think employers need to crack down on it.”