Chef who abused Muslim pensioner on London bus jailed

A chef who threw a Turkish pensioner’s Zimmer frame off a bus after shouting ‘go back to your own country’ during a shocking Islamophobic rant was been jailed for 16 weeks. Kashif Samuels, 25, was travelling towards Tottenham, north London, when he began to hurl abuse at the Muslim man sat across the aisle from him on the 149 service. Video footage posted on social media showed Samuels, who was with his two-year-old daughter at the time, accusing the Turkish man of coming to this country for ‘free benefits’. He tells the pensioner to ‘go back to his own country’ before shouting: ‘I’ll put a pig’s c*** in your mouth - what’s Allah going to say about that?’ The clip ends as he tells stunned passengers to ‘vote Ukip’ before grabbing the pensioner’s Zimmer frame and chucking it down the road on October 15. Samuels apologised for his ‘monstrous’ behaviour after admitting a racially aggravated public order offence last month. He handed himself in to police when he saw the video online and was sentenced at Highbury Magistrates’ Court in north London today. Samuels was arrested after millions of people viewed the footage on YouTube in which he makes several lewd references to his victim’s family and religion, continuing for more than three minutes as shocked passengers sit in silence. The trained chef can be heard shouting: ‘You’re talking in a different language but nobody knows what you’re saying. ‘Go back to Turkey if you talk that s***. Oh no you can’t because s*** gets blown up in Turkey. ‘That’s why you’re here mate - free benefits and a walker. Well your walker is going to go flying when this bus stops mate.’ As the bus pulls up to a stop, Samuels can be seen pulling a pram in position so he can get off before he continues to threaten the pensioner and asks: ‘What are you going to do? Nothing.’ Magistrates were told Samuels committed the offence while on bail for a similar public order offence, which was not racially motivated, involving a bus driver back in January this year. Prosecutor Michael Mallon said: ‘Having referred to the footage it speaks for itself. The victim was not able to be traced. ‘It is clear however, and he accepted in interview, that the victim was vulnerable. He was an elderly Turkish gentleman. In sentencing panel chair Melvyn Bryant said: ‘This was a vulnerable victim, it was a prolonged incident, you had your child present with you, there were other persons present on a bus which is a public place, and you were also on bail. ‘However it becomes worse. You targeted someone who is Turkish and Muslim and you throw his Zimmer frame through the door.’ After owning up to the vile rant, Samuels claimed he ‘lost it’ when the pensioner refused to move his Zimmer frame from the push-chair area on the bus. He said: ‘That is not the person I want my daughter to see growing up as her father.’