Recent and potential developments in the halal industry HFA Seminar held on 30th April 2015

Halal Food Authority (HFA) hosted first industry focused event last Thursday (30th April 2015); at the Imperial Suite at Royal Nawaab London. The seminar on ‘Recent and Potential Developments in the Halal Industry’ attracted over 140 industry personnel – from representatives from major corporations such as Unilever, Kelloggs and KFC, smaller independent businesses and a host of media keen to cover the event. Hosted by Rahim Jung, the event was opened by our Chairman, Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui and followed on by our CEO Saqib Mohammed. other speakers kept delegates interested and focused throughout the day. First talk delivered on ‘Head-only stunning of poultry from a halal perspective’ by Steve Wotton from the University of Bristol. Steve is a longstanding relationship with HFA and has interests in the electrophysical study of animal welfare issues particularly during stunning and slaughter. The head of Research and Education at animal welfare group Compassion In World Farming – Dr Angela Wright talk was centred on animal welfare compromises throughout the supply chain – irrespective of slaughter method. Rizvan Khalid – senior director of Euro Quality Lambs (the largest Muslim-owned lamb abattoir in Europe) took to the podium to discuss improving slaughter methods without stunning. The aforementioned talks were followed by a panel discussion chaired by Dr Phil Hadley, the Head of Supply Chain Development at EBLEX and following a very engaging discussion with an excellent amount of audience participation, speakers were all given awards to thank them for their attendance and thought-provoking discussions. The second session of the day focused more on halal certification issues as opposed to animal welfare. On the panel we had Amina Ahmad, Director at the Dubai Accreditation Centre – discussing the role of accreditation bodies in halal quality infrastructure, Dr Mian Riaz from the Food Protein R&D Centre at Texas University – discussing doubtful food additives being a challenge in halal food processing, Dr Munir Chaudhry of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) talking about emerging halal markets and last, but by no means least, Dr Linda Amirat of Leatherhead Food Research presenting on GCC Food Laws. All presentations were well presented and finely put together, they brought up excellent topics of conversation amongst our audience and delegates were able to question our speakers; several were after advice and halal suitability of a variety of additives that they were thinking of adding to new products and whether these would be suitable for export purposes to the Middle East. A great opportunity to seek advice from experts in the field. The Q&A session for this segment was chaired by Abdalhamid Evans of Imarat Consultants – who did a fantastic job. HFA awarded most longstanding clients for their continued halal compliance. Randall Parker Foods, Raj Foods, Unilever UK Limited and Aarhaus Karl Ishamns UK Limited all received awards of recognition for being clients of the HFA for 10+ years and our 15+ years awards were awarded to Kelloggs and Kitchen Range Foods. We take our client relationship and integrity very seriously and felt it imperative to award our clients something from our side to recognise their continued good work. Also given awards for recognition were Halal Focus and the Meat Trades Journal for their exceptional coverage of halal issues in the wider media – something that is integral in this day and age – as well as two of our staff members, Akbar Hussain and Justyna Gorna for their exceptional work for our organisation and unwavering commitment. The seminar proved to be a fantastic event and went off without a hitch.