Germany's hatred of the ‘other’ continues 50 years on

It is sad to see that just over half a century after their forefathers were guilty of committing the greatest genocide in human history, so many in Germany have turned against another religious community with unfounded suspicions and irrational fears.

You would think that the Germans, given their recent history, would be the most tolerant of people stringently practicing their ideals of freedom of religion and consciousness.

But no; perhaps it’s a case of old habits die hard.

And this is precisely what Cologne Cathedral provost Norbert Feldhoff alluded to when he said that by shutting down the floodlights at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin it would make the demonstrators think twice about their protest.

“You're taking part in an action that, from its roots and also from speeches, one can see is Nazi-ist, racist and extremist,” he reportedly said.

“And you're supporting people you really don't want to support.”

Not learning from the past or from your own mistakes is something the Zionists in Israel are also guilty of.

In spite of the holocaust, successive Israeli governments have, without fail or fatigue, continued their inhumane treatment of the “other”.

Perhaps as a species, we Homo sapiens really do suffer from short-term memory loss when it comes to justice and fairness.

But, saner heads do still prevail across Germany and elsewhere so not all is lost.

The important factor in this battle of minds is going to be whose voices are more prominent and prolonged.

The German Chancellor Anglea Merkel’s urging of her people to shun these mindless protests by calling for an end to the fictitious 'Islamisation of Europe' and reminding that religious intolerance had no place in modern Germany needs to be plastered across the country and some.

There is little doubt, as Merkel’s suggested, that the motivations for these activists is nothing save hatred in their hearts.

And it is this hatred that typifies the definition of the term xenophobia.

But Islamophobia and the irrational fear of Muslims continues to rise across Europe as does anti-Semitism.

These are worrying times for both Muslims and Jews, but more so Muslims since not only do they far out number Europe’s Jewish community, but are certainly treated like the fifth column.

The evils of the so-called Islamic State are being projected over to the vast majority of peace loving and living Muslims as if the two are synonymous.

Only recently, the human rights organisation, AlMonitor, recently stated that “as IS horrors rage on in the Middle East, Muslims across Europe face increasing discrimination” as a result.

While American journalist, James Lobe, writing for the Electronic Intifada observed: “Both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia have risen in Europe over the last four years, according to a survey conducted earlier this year and released here Thursday by the Pew Research Center.”

He added: “‘Ethnocentric attitudes are on the rise in Europe,’ according to an analysis that accompanied the survey. Growing numbers of people in several major European countries say they have an unfavorable opinion of Jews, and opinions of Muslims, which were already substantially more negative, have also grown increasingly so compared with several years ago. …

“The poll, whose findings have been released in a series of reports over the last three months, queried respondents in six European nations — Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Spain — as well as the United States on attitudes towards Jews and Muslims.”