Babies Wear

Different people wear different kinds of clothes. For babies, it is not just about, how they look in the clothes; it is also, about how the fabric used may affect them, their safety in those clothes and their functionality in terms of keeping the baby warm. A more important factor to consider is comfort. An uncomfortable baby will make their caregiver even more uncomfortable.

The best baby wear is made using organic material like cotton and soft wool. The range of clothes for babies should be fine and soft to ensure the baby is comfortable. Most retail shops offer clothes made of fibres that "breathe" enabling the baby remain fresh, comfortable and dry. They prevent overheating and offer protection from Ultra Violet rays. There are different types of babies wear such as sweaters, hats, diaper covers, baby mittens, earmuffs and bibs among others.

Baby sweaters offer warmth to the baby when it is cold therefore it is a very essential baby clothing. The best baby sweaters are made using lambs’ wool, fleece of cotton because they are light and warm ensuring the baby’s comfort. However, it is not advisable for babies under 4 months to wear sweaters, use pieces of clothes instead.

Hats are an add-on type of baby clothing that offer protection to sensitive baby heads. They also offer warmth in cold season therefore; they are made using light and soft material. The baby’s head is normally soft and sensitive hence the hat should be free of chemicals and any dangerous material. Hats can suffocate therefore parents should be cautious. Retailers also sell baby bibs to prevent spilling of fluids on baby clothes. They are common in layette sets as part of baby clothes. The thread for tying the bib should be long enough to avoid suffocating the baby.

Diaper covers are used as a substitute for shorts or stretch suits. They come in handy when going with the baby outdoors. Retailer shops for children clothes also sell baby mittens also known as gloves. They offer warmth and protection to the baby’s hands even when it is not extremely cold because babies have sensitive skin. Earmuffs are also available in retailer shops and they are used for keeping the baby’s ears warm, they are recommended for babies under four months.

Main Categories of Babies Wear

Most retail shops sell three categories of babies wear comprising of daytime or playing clothes, clothes for outside wear and nightwear. The most important of this is nightwear; therefore, mothers should invest more on bodysuits, pajamas and nightgowns. Daywear should be comfortable because it is worn mostly around the house. They mainly include one-piece clothes. Outdoor baby wear can be for outdoor playing or for dressing up for an event. They include jeans, dresses, t-shirts, light jackets, sweaters, shorts and much more. They should be classy and stylish but at the same time comfortable.

Organic Baby Clothes

This is the best choice of clothes for your baby because organic baby clothes are free of chemicals and toxic residue. This makes them safe and comfortable for a baby. When buying organic clothes, ensure that they have a symbol assuring you that the required organic credentials have been met. Only a small percentage of cotton is organic. It is therefore wise to know which one is safe for your child.

Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

Remember that most retail and online shops base the sizes of babies’ clothes on age, which can be misleading. That is why you should base the size of the clothes to buy on height and weight.

Buy baby clothes that are slightly bigger in size because babies develop and grow fast outgrowing the clothes rapidly. Safety and convenience are important factors to consider before buying children clothes. They should be easily removable when changing the diaper. The waist for pants should be made of elastic to accommodate the growth of the baby. When buying baby clothing for wear at night, ensure they fit well to avoid suffocation. Draw strings are a hazard to the baby therefore avoid clothes having them. Generally, when you buy baby clothes, avoid those with protruding parts and designs like buttons and ribbons.

It is the dream of every mother to dress their babies in stylish and cute dresses that fit well. Generally, buy clothes that do not have many zips, choose clothes with wide necks and easy to remove and wear. Buy baby clothes with practicality and comfort in mind and never compromise quality.