US denies changing policy with Muslim Brotherhood

The White House denied media reports that the US administration was cutting its ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

ISIS threaten Islamophobe Geller with threatening message

Anti-Muslim Pamela Geller's life was yet again threatened by ISIS after a leader of the radical terrorist group tweeted her address.

Michelle Obama compares her struggles to British Muslim women

Michelle Obama compared her struggle to succeed as a young black woman in America to the experience of British Muslim girls during a visit to in inner-city girls school in London.

Senate deal failure expires US surveillance powers

The legal authority for US spy agencies to bulk collect Americans’ phone data expired, after the Senate failed to reach a deal.

Phoenix anti-Muslims clash with protestors at Draw Muhammad

Armed anti-Islam protestors defiled the Quran and waved around depictions of the Prophet Muhammad in Phoenix.

‘Islamaphobic’ coke can incident sparks United Airlines boycott

United Airlines was being boycotted by people who were appalled after a woman burst into tears after an alleged ‘Islamophobic’ incident on a flight.

Iran trial for Washington Post reporter starts

The trial of a Washington Post journalist detained in Iran for almost 10 months on charges that include "espionage" began in the capital Tehran behind closed doors.

FBI to probe terror threats mailed to Arizona mosques

The Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Arizona (CAIR-AZ) called on state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate threats mailed to a number of Phoenix mosques in Arizona as acts of domestic terrorism.

Murderer of wife ‘beyond redemption’, says judge

A man who arranged for his lover to shoot dead his wife in front of their toddler son has been sentenced to life in prison - with a judge deeming him 'cold-blooded' and 'beyond redemption'.

Detroit TV news anchor airs anti-Muslim comments

A news anchor in Detroit, Michigan landed in hot water after a controversial comment she made about the city's Arab population on 6 May.