Ramadan is just around the corner, are you ready?

Ramadan is six weeks away and a pre-hand preparation of the self and a spiritual warm up is due in order to be fit enough as well as work hard to attain the great rejuvenation of the annual holy month.

Looking into Interpal

In 1948, over 750,000 Palestinians were driven out of their homes in historic Palestine into neighbouring Arab countries and around the world.

Recent and potential developments in the halal industry HFA Seminar held on 30th April 2015

Halal Food Authority (HFA) hosted first industry focused event last Thursday (30th April 2015); at the Imperial Suite at Royal Nawaab London.

Muslims calls on leaders to repudiate attack on Quran

The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) called on that state's religious and political leaders to repudiate remarks made by Representative John Bennett (R-Sallisaw) calling on Muslims to condemn their holy text, the Quran.

London central mosque to host interfaith event

Religious leaders will come together for an event in London promoting world interfaith harmony.

British government drags its heels over Extradition Treaty

Since 2003, under British extradition law, you can be arrested by the British Police subject to a US extradition warrant, not told why and put into prison for years on end without charge or trial. London’s Evening Standard newspaper last week reported that home secretary Theresa May, is preparing to reject reviews of this unjust legislature on the grounds that ‘concerns about flaws are misplaced’ and that changing it would have very little effect.

Cameron and Colonialism

In a ‘pot calls the kettle black’ moment, David Cameron on the record last week levelled accusations of colonialism against the Argentinians. In a statement made at a briefing session on the future security of the Falkland Islands he is reported to have said: "What the Argentinians have been saying recently, I would argue, is actually far more like colonialism because these people want to remain British and the Argentinians want them to do something else’’

Muslim school renovation on hold after government dallies

A decision on the future of Bolton Muslim Girls School were delayed for at least two months after the Government delayed making a decision — for the second time.

Mosque could be 'fantastic' addition to city architecture

A Derby building designer said that a controversial new mosque set for Normanton "could make a fantastic contribution to the city's architecture".

Muslim cleared of being drunk during Ramadan

A kebab shop customer arrested in a row over his takeaway has been cleared of being drunk after telling a judge he is a teetotal Muslim who was observing Ramadan.