Young Muslims take lead in celebration for 2012 Olympic Games

Young athletes and sports personalities took centre stage at the Muslim Council’s third annual Muslim Leadership Dinner, in celebration for this year’s Olympics.

Lord Gulam Noon Launches
‘Royal Halal’

Lord Gulam Noon, who produces 1.5 million curries a week for various food brands, launched ‘Royal Halal’ meals under his own family-owned brand today at the company headquarters, Bombay Halwa in Southall, Middlesex.

The Big Question
Is fundamentalism undermining faith?

Over the past century the UK has seen a severe decline in church attendance and growing liberalisation of society partly led by powerful gay activist and neo-feminist movements. The move away from traditional values and the control of the Church has on one hand, allowed a melting pot of culture and ideas in the UK but on the other has led to the breakdown of the family as the backbone of society in the face of increasing sexualisation of culture. This has led to an inevitable backlash from religious communities who have stepped up their activities and sought to check the degeneration of traditional social structure.

Peterborough school display Islamic art

A host of Islamic art went on display at Jack Hunt School to give pupils a rare glimpse into a different culture.