How should primary schools deal with children who fast?

Primary schools deciding to ban fasting for pupils could be taking things a little far. However, as Ajmal Masroor pointed out, it could and should have been handled in a more delicate manner.

The ‘criminalisation’ of our children

It is clear that the ‘counter-extremism’ questionnaire/survey given to primary school children in East London undeniably consists of loaded questions aimed at discerning the religious, ethical and even patriotic beliefs of the children taking part. 

All-round structure required to combat IS grooming

All Muslim parents ought to be worried over the concerns raised by Detective Chief Inspector Patrick McGowan regarding the continued threat posed by Islamic State recruiters in grooming their children. Avon and Somerset police have launched a film focusing on members of Bristol’s local Muslim communities which should be welcomed.

The Tories and their war against extremism

The recently elected Conservative leader David Cameron has put in place two politicians who have done much to blur the lines between extremism and non-extremism.

America Muslims must be proactive against Isis

The curse of the Islamic State and all that it stands for will probably now be felt adversely by the Muslims of America even more so following its boast of being behind the terror attack in Texas.

What term to use in place of ‘Muslim extremist’?

The London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has said that a clearer and better defined term is needed for Muslim extremists in order to unambiguously separate them from the vast majority of orthodox Muslims.

British values and Muslim compatibility

The publication of Lord Nash’s guidance on promoting British values in schools last year ought to raise the question of why it was ever published in the first place.

Is ‘non-violent extremism’ the cause for terrorism?

It is clear that the vast majority of Muslims both ordinary and their leaders and clerics have been quick to condemn the attack at Charlie Hebdo weekly despite images poking fun at Prophet Muhammad infuriating the Muslim world.

Germany's hatred of the ‘other’ continues 50 years on

It is sad to see that just over half a century after their forefathers were guilty of committing the greatest genocide in human history, so many in Germany have turned against another religious community with unfounded suspicions and irrational fears.

The West must build genuine ties with the Arab Islamists

The recommendations forwarded by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organisation in its recently published report that the West respect the "Islamists" rise to power and deal with them amicably is much needed.